6 Expert Secrets to Eyelash Extensions That Flutter the World

It is a fact that a majority of women lack the patience as well as the time to apply fake lashes religiously every single day. As women, we barely get the time to use an eyelash curler. With that said, it is absolutely no surprise that eyelash extensions have become a very popular trend in the recent years given the fact that they provide instant fullness and length, giving your eyes a gorgeous look. What is the extent you would be willing to go to attain a very appealing flutter? In case you are feeling a tad bit apprehensive about experimenting with this beauty treatment, worry not! With the help of our professionals on eyelash extension training, we have gathered a few tips that will not only make your extensions more beautiful, longer, thicker and fuller but most importantly last longer.



Extension Thickness

Applying a full set of extensions takes approximately 2 hours and is maintainable for as long as one year with occasional touch-ups recommended every 2-3 weeks. We all have varying lashes in both thickness and length. Therefore, our extensions experts always suggest that the application of extensions should concern the length and thickness of your natural lashes. This is the secret to maintaining healthy natural lashes while still achieving your desired look. For example, if you have naturally thin and short lashes you are advised to start out with adding a half set which is between 45-55% of your top lashes. The reason for this is so that these extensions do not become too weighty for your natural lashes thereby weakening them.



Eyelash Extension Glue

Since lash extensions are only applicable to closed eyes, the likelihood of the glue entering your eyes is minimal. However, to avoid any allergic reactions or irritations, our makeup specialists advise that you should always ensure that the glue is completely safe for your eyes and is free from harmful chemical substances such as formaldehyde which not only causes allergic eye reactions but also weakens and destroys your natural lashes.



Cleanliness of your extensions

Our lash specialists always emphasize on the importance of keeping your extensions clean using cleansers and makeup removers. Maintaining proper cleanliness of your extensions not only gets rid of dead skin and oil keeping them looking full, natural and beautiful but also prevents bacteria build up that may cause an eye infection.



Regular Brushing

One of the best ways to ensure your extensions remain in tip-top shape is to brush them about 3-4 times in a day. The secret to maintaining healthy, full and tangle-free hair lies in combing it regularly. The same applies for tangle-free extensions. Our beauty professionals always recommend that extensions should be preferably brushed when they are wet for better prevention of entanglement.



Excellent supplements

The benefit of proper supplements as highly recommended by our eyelash experts goes without saying because they undoubtedly make your natural lashes stronger which significantly makes your extensions stay for a longer period.



Avoid waterproof makeup

Despite the fact that waterproof makeup is highly appreciated for its power to stay on longer than regular makeup, our specialists on eyelash extension training highly advise against its use when wearing extensions. The reason being that waterproof makeup tends to attract more debris than regular makeup which means that it makes both your natural lashes and extensions heavier thus weakening them.

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