2014 -- POST RECESSION PRE POST MODERN DEPRESSION UPDATE -- "Keeping calm, while carrying on with our personal devices". Is there still room for vintage in our high tech, social media controlled lives? YES!! WITH A VENGEANCE!!!

The premise behind this site you have landed on was a co-marketing experiment by two like-minded, aggressively seeking, intellectually curious yet sentimental individuals. Two competitive time travelers who together could bend time and find the key to powering our inner Trons(aka mojos), thus making lots of money via our tv show(s), site advertising, product placements, hair care products, annual WDMS Bahamas cruise, click through's, a special branded Kraft Macaroni & Cheese with little rocket ship noodles, etc. etc. Eventually we would settle together in a very posh estate where we'd invite our well behaved antique dealers to live out their lives with us as our team of care givers/pain managers dust off our collections and change our diapers.

Well, that dream is still alive ladies and gentlemen!!!

Of course, the Land of vintage is a mystical always happy place of cozy patterns, textures, foods (Shake A Pudding anyone?) and holiday memories where everyone is alive and well and something new and exciting is always just about to happen. We can't bring back the past for good but we can take you into our vintage warped time zones and points of view. And maybe you'll pay us, either a compliment or bitcoin. When Danny Met Sally invites those game enough to delve further. Curious?

Feel free to email sally@imagepilots.com anytime.



WDMS is Sally Schwartz, the Midwest’s Leading Antique Show Queen and Producer of Chicago’s most successful antiquing events for the 11th season in 2014: Randolph Street Market Festival, Chicago Antique Market, Modern Vintage Chicago are some of her progressively vintage brands.  Over 600,000 customers have shopped her events in search of vintage treasures.  Through her event company, “Paint Me a Party/Image Pilots”, she began producing vintage markets to avoid having to schlep out of the city for themed period decor.  (We said she was a Queen-- Who else starts their own show just to shop closer to home?) She's on the mommy track now but lost her first and only serious job out of college for wearing stockings with seams up the back. On that note, she collects vices including cigarette lighters, cocktail swizzle sticks and playing card sets. Sally also started a line of couture pet products called “Jet Set Pet” and loves to pick up strays… animals, of course.  Sally lives with her teen age daughter & multiple pets in Hyde Park, Chicago.  Her dreams involve a small beach shack in Hawaii.

OH, and Sally was the first antique show promoter in known gentile society to show vintage pornos and live nude models in the Salon des Arts Erotiques -- a proud first for this age old industry.

Of special ironic and vintage note from Sally: "Danny lives in the building my mother grew up in and it may be the ghosts of my grandparents stalking Danny and making sure all his trash ends up properly disposed of .... sorry to end a sentence with a preposition (see Manners Bitch) but the big D can be a hot mess on the outer drive after he's unpacked his pickings."