Did You Know About The Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal?

In the 60s, 70s and 80s, people, especially men, did not care too much about removing unwanted hair. Now that we’re in the 21st century, laser hair removal has grown increasingly popular. Women have always been getting rid of unwanted hair and keeping their skin soft and smooth, but now men are also getting rid of hair on their chest, back and even legs. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of removing unwanted hair with laser treatment.

1. It’s Fast

The pulse of the laser is incredibly fast and it can treat numerous hairs simultaneously. In fact, the laser can treat an area of hairs that is around the size of a quarter, every second. Depending on the area being treated, it can range from a minute to approximately an hour. For example, the lip area may take a minute to treat, while the legs or the back can take much longer.

2. Results Are Long-Lasting

By using laser hair removal, you will find that the results are much more longer-lasting than most other methods that you may have tried before. For example, shaving, chemical depilatories and waxing will all result in hair growing back sooner, compared to laser treatment. They can also irritate the skin, they can be painful and itchy. Depilatories can irritate the skin if left on too long and they should only be used on arms and legs, unless the product says you can use it on the face or bikini line. Electrolysis is time-consuming and more painful than laser treatment, though with electrolysis, the hair loss is permanent.

3. Relatively Painless

Laser hair removal is relatively painless when compared to some of the other methods. You will fill a little bit of something, but it’s totally bearable. Compare this to waxing, which will make your eyes water! Imagine yanking on that strip of wax. The FBI and CIA could use that as a form of torture to get vital information from spies!

4. No Need To Grow Hair Out

Unlike waxing, with laser treatment, you can carry on shaving regularly between treatments. By using laser treatment, there is no longer a need to grow the hair out.

5. It’s The Best Option

Laser treatment is arguably the best option of all the available treatments. It can also help to prevent ingrown hairs. It’s good for protecting sensitive skin. Treatments are also getting less expensive. It’s very precise and predictable. After several treatments, hair will stop growing. Men are having unwanted hair removed like never before. Both men and women feel good especially in social situations and feel more confident after treatment. The experts at Dermetics are capable of providing you with further information.