Eyebrow Extension Training and Certification

Partly because celebrities have endorsed them, eyebrow extensions are a growing trend, especially among women. Some of the most beautiful, popular, and highly regarded women have even sworn by eyebrow extensions. Understanding the importance of having your eyebrows done by a qualified and certified professional could prove beneficial. One has to receive proper eyebrow extension training to qualify as a professional in this industry.


Enrolling for and completing an eyebrow training course does not guarantee certification. Providing a certificate simply because one completed the training course would be of little value, especially since consumer safety is a key concern. You must, therefore, earn certification. To complete the training course successfully, you must show you understand the key concepts. You must also show that you can consistently perform extension techniques within a required time frame and in a safe manner.

Apart from providing a durable way to boost beauty, their versatility has made eyebrow extensions increasingly popular. Regardless of whether you are thinking of getting eyebrow extensions for the first time or you have had them before, doing your research and engaging a licensed cosmetologist is bound to pay off.

What being a licensed and certified professional means

It’s important to ensure the technician who does your eyebrow extensions is properly licensed in that particular state, especially since not every beautician is licensed and certified to perform this task. Getting your eyebrow extensions done by untrained hands puts your health in danger and runs the risk of wasting money.

Although certification requirements vary from one state to another, the process of qualification is generally the same throughout the nation. To become a certified cosmetologist, you will have to meet every eligibility requirement, pass the necessary examination, finish paying the required fees and submit your application on a specified departmental form.

Why you should have your eyebrow extensions applied professionally

Because the process of applying eyebrow extensions is delicate, it requires appropriate tools, a steady hand, and precision. Despite the availability of home-application kits, the outcomes of do-it-yourself applications are rarely as attractive as or more durable than what you can get from a professional.

Incorrect applications

If you notice any of the following signs, then your eyebrow extensions were most likely applied in an improper manner.
• Visible or obvious eyebrow extensions. The extensions should match your organic eyebrow in a seamless manner.
• Loose extensions that fall out shortly after application.
• Extensions that lack ample coverage and appear bare.

Removing improperly applied extensions might damage your eyebrow and having the extensions removed or reapplied increases your final cost. Although eyebrow extensions are considered very safe, you can get infected if the person who applies your extensions doesn’t observe proper safety and hygiene precautions.