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    Welcome to our Universe— A Cosmic Intervention of Two Disagreeable Personalities... While U Wait
    By now you’re thinking, what the FOOCHOW is this?
    Perhaps you've come for the All-You-Can-Eat Estate Sale?  Or the Drive-Thru Eyebrow Braiding?  
    Please form two separate lines… and no sharing.

    No. This is WDMS.  A place where we expose that sliver of a difference between a spread in "Wallpaper" or a guest spot on "Hoarders."
    We will show you things you’ve never seen, introduce you to astonishing dealers, designers, artisans, authors, collectors, crazy people (with taste, or better yet, terrible taste), oddities, human or otherwise.   
    In short, our favorite people, sort of.
    Plus a categorically dull list of fascinating topics we annoyingly find important to impart.  
    We welcome you to interact with others of your species while we await our own personal sedation.
    Earth appears to be a wonderful Vintage Planet, chock full of the remnants of the 20th century--  and even earlier, if one cares.
    “And where can I find an Intergallactic Shipper?”    
    (An actual customer request, circa 2000... from the Y2K End of Daze Craze)

    -Danny & Sally